Training Feedback

Here are what participants have to say about Marian's trainings...

"Thank you so much for the valuable information, but even more so for your gentle, enthusiastic, and genuine approach. I suspect that it comes from the MI Spirit, of course, but think also very much from you."

"The collaborative nature of the course was super dope. Marian was awesome."

"This by far, was one of the best courses I have taken. Marian was so helpful, excited to teach, and truly passionate about the topic which helped make the session so accessible, and concurrent throughout which helped me learn so much more than if I was just being lectured to. I would recommend this course to everyone willing to learn MI."

"The open forum of today's training was very helpful for cultivating a learning environment."

"Marian did an amazing job at being prepared in the course material. She also found the perfect balance of teaching the course material and providing enough time for questions and group discussions. She was kind and did great at meeting everyone where they were at."